Frequently asked questions

The purpose of Kulttuurispoppa is to bring people together, to bring out new ideas, to provide funding and to try out own ideas. For diners it gives the opportunity to hear interesting shows, participate in funding those projects and to have a tasty dinner at the same time. And Kulttuurisoppa is, of course, a great way to spend time and meet new people, whether you are presenting or just taking part in the dinner.

Absolutely! Anyone in the field of arts, culture and activism can fit in Kulttuurisoppa. We want to show the most interesting ideas and projects of all fields.

Individuals, working groups, organisations and companies as long as they have something to do with culture.

Click “Sign up” to reserve your seat in the event. You can make a reservation only for the next Kulttuurisoppa. And if there are seats left, you can just show up without reservation.. We'll inform you about the situation with the seats well in advance.

Rupla is a gallery, cafe and event space in Kallio. So a perfect stage for Kulttuurisoppa.

We will serves a vegan soup, including breads and spreads. The soup is also gluten-free, but otherwise we can not, unfortunately, take into account any meal restrictions.

The proceeds of the event are counted together at the end of the evening and paid to the winner within a few days.

No, it’s totally free. We even serve you soup as a reward :)

The style is completely free, but forget the business pitches and make a personal and interesting presentation. It can also be for example in the form of song, drawing or dance. Also the language used is freely selectable. But remember not to exceed the 5 minute time limit.

We don't have any technology in use. You can bring the equipment you need. It's not possible to use a projector.

The idea or project must be interesting in some way and feasible. We would like to have a wide range of representatives from all sectors of culture, so even if you are not chosen for the first Kulttuurisoppa, you can still get in the next time.

In the autumn you can apply at the same time for all four events. However, you can only take part once with one idea or project.

You can apply, as long as it is another project you are applying with.

Don’t take it too hard! It doesn’t mean that you can not get involved later, as we want to consider the presented projects as a whole for each evening. We will also consider your application later if you have applied for many events.

Congratulations! We will pay you the money by bank transfer this week. Then you can just get to work! We also require that you later come to Kulttuurisoppa to present your project or make another kind of clarification in a mutually agreed manner.

The money can be paid to an association, company or individual. In the case of a working group, the amount can be divided to more than one individual.

Money from Kulttuurisoppa is considered as a winning of a competition. The prize is thus taxable income, but you can reduce from it the costs of implementing the project.

Jaakko Blomberg, who in collaboration with Rupla. The project is supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Not exactly like Kulttuurisoppa. Similar kind of events are happening also elsewhere. The roots of the idea are in SOUP event that was started in Detroit in 2010. In SOUP funding is sought on the same principle for social enterprises and projects. To Detroit the idea came from similar kind of events in Chicago. The SOUP concept has spread during the last years also to other places, especially to the UK.