Kulttuurisoppa (Culture Soup) is a dinner, meeting place and charity event that brings new ideas, artists, makers and cultural projects to the fore - and provides them with funding. During the evening, the tables are served with an interesting mix of new ideas, people, inspiration and, of course, soup.

At the beginning of the evening, 6 people or groups selected on the basis of the applications will present their project or idea for which they are looking for funding. Each speaker is allowed to use 5 minutes to present his project, after which the public can ask the speaker some quick questions.

The form of the presentation is free and can be done in artistic form. Also the language used is freely selectable.

After the presentation, a vegan dinner is served, and people will vote for the best project. Each diner has two votes to select the winner, and after dinner, the idea that got the most votes receives the collected money from the dinner as a donation. In addition to that, Kulttuurisoppa pays the same amount to the winner, so every euro paid for the event supports culture with two euros!

Anyone can participate in Kulttuurisoppa dinner by paying an entrance fee of 10 euros. You can of course pay more too.

Kulttuurisoppa took place in 2018 three times, on the last Wednesday of the month in April, May and August. At the moment Kulttuurisoppa is not being organised.

Kulttuurisoppa was supported by Finnish Cultural Foundation.

More information:

Jaakko Blomberg
+358 44 5478354